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  1. The best diagnostic strategy to confirm or exclude pulmonary embolism (PE) suspicion needs an appropriate combination of clinical assessment, plasma D-dimer measurement, and computed tomographic pulmonary angi...

    Authors: Alessandro Squizzato, Luca Galli and Victor E. A. Gerdes
    Citation: Critical Ultrasound Journal 2015 7:7
  2. Right heart thrombus (RHT) is a life-threatening diagnosis that is rarely made in the emergency department (ED), but with the increasing use of focused cardiac ultrasound (FocUS), more of these cases may be id...

    Authors: Mansour Jammal, Peter Milano, Renzo Cardenas, Thomas Mailhot, Diku Mandavia and Phillips Perera
    Citation: Critical Ultrasound Journal 2015 7:6
  3. Aortic stenosis (AS) is a common valve problem that causes significant morbidity and mortality. The goal of this study was to determine whether an emergency physician (EP) could determine severe AS by reviewin...

    Authors: Hasan Alzahrani, Michael Y Woo, Chris Johnson, Paul Pageau, Scott Millington and Venkatesh Thiruganasambandamoorthy
    Citation: Critical Ultrasound Journal 2015 7:5
  4. In some intensive care, nowadays, ultrasound diagnostics have become an extension of the physical examination (like a stethoscope). In this report, we discuss the case of an acute respiratory failure which aro...

    Authors: Federico Barbariol, Luigi Vetrugno, Livia Pompei, Adelisa De Flaviis and Giorgio Della Rocca
    Citation: Critical Ultrasound Journal 2015 7:3
  5. The excellent sensitivity and specificity of right upper quadrant (RUQ) ultrasound for gallbladder pathology in patients with abdominal pain is heavily relied upon in routine diagnostic evaluation. The hour-to...

    Authors: Christine N Desautels, David M Tierney, Federico Rossi and Terry K Rosborough
    Citation: Critical Ultrasound Journal 2015 7:2
  6. Focused bedside ultrasound is rapidly becoming a standard of care to decrease the risks of complications related to invasive procedures. The purpose of this study was to assess whether adding to the curriculum...

    Authors: Yanick Beaulieu, Réjean Laprise, Pierre Drolet, Robert L Thivierge, Karim Serri, Martin Albert, Alain Lamontagne, Marc Bélliveau, André-Yves Denault and Jean-Victor Patenaude
    Citation: Critical Ultrasound Journal 2015 7:1
  7. Prior research suggests that the ratio of the ultrasound-measured diameter of the inferior vena cava to the aorta correlates with the level of dehydration in children. This study was designed to externally val...

    Authors: Joshua Jauregui, Daniel Nelson, Esther Choo, Branden Stearns, Adam C Levine, Otto Liebmann and Sachita P Shah
    Citation: Critical Ultrasound Journal 2014 6:15