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Table 3 Comparison of participant optic nerve sheath diameter, by plane of measurement, pre-lumbar puncture compared to post-lumbar puncture, for participants with elevated intracranial pressure (opening pressure > 25 cm)

From: Ultrasound measurement of optic nerve sheath diameter pre- and post-lumbar puncture

 Average diameter (PRE)Average diameter (POST)Deltap95% CI
Left eye Transverse5.2285714.40.82857140.04520.0245 to 1.2626
Left eye sagittal5.2571434.8142860.4428570.2336− 0.3754 to 1.2612
Left eye (averaged ONSD)5.2428574.6071430.63571420.02930.0894 to 1.1820
Right eye transverse4.7857144.8− 0.01428560.9696− 0.8939 to 0.8654
Right eye sagittal5.45.0166670.38330.2701− 0.4115 to 1.1782
Right eye (averaged ONSD)5.0083334.8916670.11666660.7165− 0.6635 to 0.8968