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Table 4 Quality assessment of studies for this systematic review’s outcome of interest using the Newcastle–Ottawa scale for cohort studies

From: The impact of lung ultrasound on clinical-decision making across departments: a systematic review

  Selection Comparability Outcomes Total
Representativeness Selection of non-exposed Ascertainment of exposure Outcome not present at start of study Comparability of cohorts on the basis of the design of analysis Assessment of outcome Sufficient follow up time Adequacy of follow up of cohorts
House 2020 6/9
Shah 2016 5/9
Russel 2015 6/9
Goffi 2013 4/9
Yuan 2001 4/9
Barman 2020 3/9
Haji 2018 6/9
Wallbridge 2017 4/9
Xirouchaki 2013 3/9
Kröner 2008 5/9
Mozzini 2016 3/9
Sferrazza 2016 5/9
Yu 1992 3/9
  1. Empty stars reflects lack of sufficient quality on the respective domains. Full starts reflect sufficient quality on respective domains where total represents high (0–3 stars), moderate (4–6 stars), or low (7–9 stars) risk of bias