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Table 6 Miscellaneous studies

From: A systematic review of the cost-effectiveness of ultrasound in emergency care settings

Study Year Findings CHEERS Score (max 24)
McGahan [48] 2000 At a single institution, 24-h sonography coverage compared to on-call coverage generated net profit and may have improved patient outcomes 8
Morrow [49] 2015 Ballistics gel can be used to make an effective US training model at a cost-saving with respect to commercially available materials 7
Allen [50] 2017 Downstream imaging after an ED US is increased if the US is performed by a non-radiologist 12
Huang [51] 2017 Introducing a protocol for transcervical US for evaluating pediatric peritonsillar abscess decreased length of stay, surgical procedures and CT scans, however, did not decrease cost 12
Van Schaik [52] 2019 POCUS use in the ED likely produces cost savings by decreasing further diagnostic testing 12