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Table 5 Echocardiography

From: A systematic review of the cost-effectiveness of ultrasound in emergency care settings

Study Year Findings CHEERS Score (max 24)
Wyrick [44] 2008 Myocardial contrast echocardiography in the ED on selected chest pain patients may be cost-effective through the prevention of unnecessary admissions 16
Jasani [45] 2018 Patients with low-risk chest pain discharged after stress echocardiography in the ED have lower costs and similar health outcomes compared to similar patients admitted to the hospital 8
Baugh [46] 2019 Large variation exists in ordering practices for tests on older patients with syncope in the ED, with CT head and echocardiogram standing out as expensive tests with relatively low yield 11
Gc [47] 2019 In a modeled scenario based on pilot data, the use of tissue Doppler evaluation of diastolic dysfunction in patients with non-ST elevation acute coronary syndrome produced overall cost-savings by decreasing length of stay 21