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Table 4 Evaluation of OB/GYN pathology

From: A systematic review of the cost-effectiveness of ultrasound in emergency care settings

Study Year Findings CHEERS score (max 24)
Hazlett [41] 1996 Transvaginal US is cost-saving compared to transabdominal as an initial test in the work-up of pelvic pain in the ED with the exception of patients in the second or third trimester of pregnancy with a palpable abdominal mass or with a full bladder 6
Durston [42] 2000 Initial POCUS by ED physicians in rule-out ectopic cases is cost-effective compared to initial radiology department imaging, although this may delay care in those with adnexal mass or tubal rupture 12
Al Wattar [43] 2014 Twenty-four hour US coverage for OB/GYN emergencies can avert admissions and cost-savings depends on volume 4