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Table 2 Evaluation of trauma

From: A systematic review of the cost-effectiveness of ultrasound in emergency care settings

Study Year Findings CHEERS Score (max 24)
Branney [29] 1997 Ultrasound use to evaluate acute abdominal trauma can reduce costs through avoidance of peritoneal lavage and reduced length of stay 10
Partrick [30] 1998 Using US as a triage tool in pediatric blunt abdominal trauma may reduce costs through reduced CT scans 6
Arrillaga [31] 1999 In the evaluation of blunt abdominal trauma US decreases time to disposition and procedural costs 15
Frezza [32] 1999 Residents performing FAST is cost-saving compared to US technicians 8
Melniker [33] 2006 Utilizing FAST in the acute management of trauma patients reduces time to operating room, length of stay and overall costs 7
Hall [34] 2016 Performing the cardiac portion of FAST on blunt trauma patients is only cost-effective if they are hypotensive 23