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Table 6 Ultrasound Curricula in Medical Education Survey

From: Scoping review of implementing a longitudinal curriculum in undergraduate medical education: The wake forest experience

1. Is your institution’s ultrasound curriculum published?
2. If possible, please provide full-text reference
3. Ultrasound education at your institution is integrated into:
 a. 1 year of the medical school curriculum
 b. 2 years of the medical school curriculum
 c. 3 years of the medical school curriculum
 d. All 4 years of the medical school curriculum
4. What is the format of information delivery (i.e., lectures, hands-on sessions, etc.)?
5. Instructors are primarily (Check all that apply):
 a. Faculty
 b. Peer educators–senior medical students
 c. Sonographer
 d. All the above
 e. Other (please specify)
6. .What is the student-to-instructor ratio for hands-on sessions?
7. Please let us know if there’s anything that’s unique to your program that you think others may not offer
8. Please enter your name and associated email address to help us link responses to institutions
  1. See [35]