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Table 1 Common current procedural terminology (CPT) codes associated with point-of-care ultrasound

From: Billing I-AIM: a novel framework for ultrasound billing

CPT codeUltrasound study
93308FAST (focused assessment of sonography in trauma): scan for hemopericardium and hemoperitoneum, may include lung ultrasounda
76705For pneumothorax
76815Pregnant transabdominal (TA)
76817Pregnant transvaginal (TV)
76775Retroperitoneal: aorta, renal
76604Thoracic (chest only)
Soft tissue ultrasound
 76604Chest wall
 76604Upper back
 76705Lower back
 76705Abdominal wall
 76857Pelvic wall
 76999Miscellaneous ultrasound
Ultrasound-guided procedure codesb
 76930Ultrasound-guided pericardiocentesis
 76937Ultrasound-guided vascular access placement
 32555Ultrasound-guided thoracentesis
 49083Ultrasound-guided paracentesis
 76942Miscellaneous ultrasound-guided procedure without catheter
 76942Ultrasound-guided abscess drainage
 76942Ultrasound-guided peritonsillar abscess drainage
 76942Ultrasound-guided lumbar puncture
 76942Ultrasound-guided suprapubic aspiration
 76942Ultrasound-guided fb removal
 20604Ultrasound-guided joint aspiration: small joint or bursa—finger, toe
 20606Ultrasound-guided joint aspiration: intermediate joint or bursa—elbow, wrist
 20611Ultrasound-guided joint aspiration: major joint or bursa—shoulder, hip, knee
  1. aFAST: not a specific CPT code, FAST is a compilation of separate studies to evaluate areas potentially injured in trauma. Can bill for the specific components performed
  2. bCan add the CPT code for the procedural component as well