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Table 4 Selection of articles showing the use and effect of tele-ultrasound

From: Offshore telementored ultrasound: a quality assessment study

ReferencesStudy designType of equipmentNo of scans performedProtocols/anatomy scannedMain findings
Dyer et al. [49]Pilot studySonix OP
Bidirectional videoconference system
Installing a tele-ultrasound system for major trauma cases was found to be technically and clinically feasible. The remote expert was able to diagnose pathology with FAST and e-FAST. The technology was also found to enhance ultrasound education and occasionally facilitated important clinical decision-making
Mc Beth et al. [48]Case seriesSonosite 180
Head camera
Laptop w/Skype
N/Ae-FASTWith the use of basic, low-cost cellular networks, it is possible to conduct telementored trauma sonography and produce images of excellent diagnostic quality
Biegler et al. [17]Feasibility studySonosite NanoMaxx
Head camera
Computer w/Skype
26LungUltrasound together with simple informatics technologies permits remote telementored ultrasonography as long as internet is available. An ultrasound expert could guide a novice ultrasound user in performing lung ultrasound for detection of pneumothorax post-chest tube removal
Mc Beth et al. [46]Feasibility studySonosite NanoMaxx
Head camera
A remote telementored ultrasound system was easy to implement, and with wireless internet, allowed a remote expert to instruct a novice user to obtain diagnostic images for interpretation
Kolbe et al. [22]Pilot studySonosite Titan
Laptop w/Skype
Local practitioners in rural areas can, after didactic training, perform POCUS under teleguidance. The implementation of POCUS in a rural village led to a change in management of about half of the patients scanned
Robertson et al. [47]Feasibility studySonosite M-turbo
Apple iPhone
Apple MacBook Pro
63Internal jugular vein, lung, heart, bladderLow-cost commercially available equipment can be used for real-time mentored acquisition and interpretation of high-quality US images that are clinically useful
Olivieri et al. [45]Pilot studySonosite X-porte
Tele-ICU program w/camera
After a 60-min training session, a remotely located tele-intensivist could guide a novice US user in performing heart and lung ultrasound. Remote telementored ultrasound could be used to evaluate patients in respiratory failure and/or shock in situations where US-proficient providers are not available at the bedside