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Table 1 Mean image scores by acoustic window of telementored ultrasound in six different cardio-thoracic windows (FATE)

From: Offshore telementored ultrasound: a quality assessment study

Acoustic windowPositionnMeanaStandard deviation%≥3,b
Subcostal 4-chamber1373.490.6592
Apical 4-chamber2373.540.56100
Parasternal long-axis3373.320.5897
Parasternal short-axis4373.320.5895
Pleura right side5374.190.46100
Pleura left side6373.700.6295
  1. aImage quality scoring system: 1 = no visible image, 5 = excellent image quality
  2. b%≥3 Percentage of images with a score ≥ 3, which was defined as the cut-off score for images with sufficient quality to extract clinical information, n number of scans