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Table 1 Volunteer characteristics

From: Feasibility of renal resistive index measurements performed by an intermediate and novice sonographer in a volunteer population

Number of volunteers23
Age (years), median (IQR)38 (31–49)
Female, n (%)14 (61)
Heart rate at examination (beats/min), median (IQR)59 (56–67)
Systolic blood pressure (mmHg), median (IQR)117 (109–126)
Diastolic blood pressure (mmHg), median (IQR)71 (64–83)
History of renal disease, n (%)3 (13)
Elevated s-Cr levels, n (%)2 (9)
Hypertension, n (%)1 (4)
Antihypertensive medication, n (%)1 (4)
Body mass index (kg/m2), median (IQR)24 (23–26)
  1. IQR interquartile range, n number, s-Cr serum creatinine