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Table 4 Linear regression analysis of ONSD measurements to opening pressure

From: Ultrasound measurement of optic nerve sheath diameter pre- and post-lumbar puncture

MeasurementCorrelation coefficientpR295% CI
Left eye transverse (Pre)0.120.9240.0003− 2.502532 to 2.749281
Left eye sagittal (Pre)0.280.8010.0024− 1.967434 to 2.524459
Left eye (averaged ONSD, pre)0.240.8480.0014− 2.336629 to 2.82292
Right eye transverse (pre)0.230.8630.0011− 2.442073 to 2.894984
Right eye sagittal (pre)1.270.380.0286− 1.652574 to 4.194005
Right eye (averaged ONSD, post)0.7970.5890.011− 2.194456 to 3.789119