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Table 1 Overview of PURLS fellowship curriculum components

From: Point-of-care ultrasound in resource-limited settings: the PURLS fellowship

Content areaFrequencyLength
Emergency ultrasound
Bedside scanning and teaching shifts with students and residentsWeeklyLongitudinal
Advanced scanning skills (cardiac, musculoskeletal, hepatic, OB/pelvic, procedural)MonthlyLongitudinal
Image review, quality assurance, program administrationWeeklyLongitudinal
Tropical medicine and global health
Diploma in tropical medicine and hygiene 9–12 weeks
Clinical experience in RLSVariable8–10 weeks
Global health conferenceEvery 2 weeksLongitudinal
Humanitarian response or trip leadership course 2 weeks
Point-of-care ultrasound in resource-limited settings
Clinical ultrasound in tropical infectious diseases course 2 weeks
Clinical and teaching experience in RLSVariableLongitudinal while abroad