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Table 1 Descriptive statistics of the sample population (n patients = 80)

From: Thoracic ultrasound evaluation and B-type natriuretic peptide value in elective cesarean section under spinal anesthesia

 MeanSt. dev.
Descriptive features
 Age (years)34.105.71
 Gestational age38.660.67
 Number of pregnancies0.861.24
 Pre-pregnancy weight (kg)63.7610.97
 Weight at the delivery (kg)76.6811.22
 BMI pre-pregnancy23.704.43
 BMI at term28.494.53
 Duration of delivery (min)57.6014.73
 Max thermic level3.991.00
 Thermic level at the discharge5.261.24
 Duration of recovery (days)3.840.95
Hemodynamic effects
 Blood loss (mL)693.13409.29
 Crystalloids (mL)1306.88327.22
 Ephedrine (mg)13.829.35
 Neosynephrine (mcg)1.3111.19
 Diuresis at 24 h (mL)1801.46897.70
 Total amount of administered fluids in 24 h (mL)2665.94962.41
 Total balance mL (mL)1478.231004.12
  1. BMI body mass index