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TableĀ 9 Indications excluded due to less relevance for general practice

From: Point-of-care ultrasound in primary care: a systematic review of generalist performed point-of-care ultrasound in unselected populations

HeartEchocardiography during resuscitation
Paediatric echocardiography
LungsThoracic aortic aneurysm
Pulmonary embolism
VesselsType A dissection of the ascending aorta
Ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm
Abdomen and pelvisHepatic abscess
Tubo-ovarian abscess
Mesenteric ischemia
Central nervous systemVentriculoperitoneal shunt malfunction
Intracranial pressure through optic nerve sheath diametre
Transcranial ultrasound for MCA perfusion
TraumaFocused abdominal sonography in trauma (FAST)/extended FAST (eFAST)
Pelvic fracture
ProceduresRegional nerve blocks
Closed reduction of fractures under sedation
Neonatal intracranial bleeding
Lumbar puncture
Nasogastric tube placement verification
OthersUndifferentiated hypotension/dehydration
Studies from prehospital emergency medical services
Mass casualty trauma triage
Gastric content