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Table 7 Summary of test accuracy findings in soft-tissue ultrasound

From: Point-of-care ultrasound in primary care: a systematic review of generalist performed point-of-care ultrasound in unselected populations

TestAuthor Op.YearCountry (no. of studies in MA)Train.nPrev (%)AgeCriterion standardSn. in % (95% CI)Sp. in % (95% CI)LR+ (95% CI)LR− (95% CI)
AbscessBarbic et al. [173]EP2017MA (8)15 m.1 d.747NRAllPositive I&D and/or follow-up96.2 (91.198.4)82.9 (60.493.9)5.63 (2.214.6)0.05 (0.010.11)
Subramaniam et al. [174]EP2016MA (6)30 m.2 d.413aNRAllPositive I&D and/or follow-up97 (9498)83 (7588)5.5 (3.78.2)0.04 (0.020.08)
Gaspari et al. [175]EP2012USANR654642Positive I&D and/or follow-up96.7 (87.9–99.4)85.7 (77.4–88.0)6.76a0.0385a
Mower et al. [177]EP2019USANR12166836Positive I&D immediately or 1 week94.0 (92.1–95.4)94.1 (91.3–96.2)15.9 (10.7–23.6)0.06 (0.05–0.08)
Peritonsillar abscessCostantino et al. [182]EP2012USANR145726Positive I&D and follow-up100 (63–100)a100 (54–100)aa0a
Dental abscessAdhikari et al. [183]EP2012USANR196340Positive I&D92 (62–100)a100 (59–100)aa0.08 (0.01–0.54)
Foreign bodyFriedman et al. [186]EP2005USANR131910Identification of FB66.7 (34.8–90.1)96.6 (91.6–99.1)19.8a (6.99–56.3)a0.34a (0.15–0.77)a
  1. MA, meta-analysis (shown in italics with number of studies in brackets); Op., operators; Train., time spent in didactic intervention; m., minutes; d., days; n, size of population; Prev., prevalence; Age, median- or mean age; Sn., sensitivity; Sp., specificity; CI, confidence interval; LR+, positive likelihood ratio; LR−, negative likelihood ratio; EP, emergency physician; NR, not reported; I&D, incision and drainage
  2. aCalculated by the authors from available data