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Table 3 Consensus domains and plenary session support for each of the standards within the multidisciplinary POCUS framework

From: The development of a provincial multidisciplinary framework of consensus-based standards for Point of Care Ultrasound at the University of Saskatchewan

Domain Standard Supporta
1. Scope of use The appropriate application of POCUS should be defined by individual disciplines and be used whenever supported by reasonable evidence 46/48
2. Credentials and privileges Disciplines should define specific and evolving required credentials that must be met for their providers to receive and maintain privileges to use POCUS. These credentials should be consistent with national standards 49/50
3. Documentation in the medical record POCUS findings should be documented in the patient chart, much like the physical exam findings as part of the overall clinical assessment. When image capture is available, select POCUS images should be archived and available to support the patient’s ongoing care. When image capture is not available, departments should develop a system to track POCUS to support quality assurance and the patient’s ongoing care 47/49
4. Quality assurance An audit of POCUS should be coordinated by any groups utilizing POCUS. Review of images, when available, is strongly encouraged. The details of this process should be determined by each discipline 45/49
5. Leadership and governance Each discipline should oversee its own use of POCUS. A multidisciplinary committee with representatives from each discipline should be formed to collaborate and promote best practices 47/50
6. Teaching Formal POCUS education and assessment can be provided by those with credentials recognized by their discipline 50/52
7. Research Clinical and educational research should be encouraged within each department. There should be a concerted effort to coordinate research between disciplines to maximize research productivity to help propel the University of Saskatchewan as a leader in POCUS research 50/53
8. Equipment support and maintenance Standards for POCUS equipment support and maintenance standards should be coordinated by each discipline as per current best practices and safety guidelines 47/52
  1. aNot all conference attendees responded to each of the polls