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Table 2 Results of the pre-conference survey of the potential standardsa for each domain in order of preference

From: The development of a provincial multidisciplinary framework of consensus-based standards for Point of Care Ultrasound at the University of Saskatchewan

Domain Preferred optiona Support (n = 17) (%)
Scope of use 1. The appropriate application of POCUS should be defined by individual specialties/disciplines and be used whenever supported by reasonable evidence 100
Credentials and privileges 1. Departments should define specific credentials that are required to receive privileges to use POCUS 35
2. No credentials or additional privileges should be required for the use of POCUS; its use should be up to the clinician similar to any other aspect of the clinical assessment 25
3. Any additional training required (and associated privileges) to use POCUS should be determined on a case-by-case basis by each department 18
Documentation 1. POCUS findings should be documented, and images captured when they play a significant role in patient care decisions 59
2. POCUS findings should be documented, and all images should be captured for inclusion in the patient’s medical record 25
3. POCUS should be documented in the same way as physical exam findings as part of the overall clinical assessment 18
Quality assurance 1. An audit of POCUS should be coordinated by any groups utilizing POCUS. Review of images, when available, is strongly encouraged 88
2. POCUS use should include image capture and all images must be reviewed for quality assurance purposes. (12%) 12
Leadership and governance 1. Multidisciplinary committee with representatives from each specialty/discipline using POCUS 59
2. Each specialty/discipline oversees its own use (41%) 41
Teaching 1. POCUS education can be provided by those with privileges recognized by their department 41
2. POCUS education can be provided only by those with specific credentials as determined by a multidisciplinary POCUS committee 35
3. POCUS education can be provided by clinicians without specific credentials 6
Research 1. Concerted and coordinated efforts to maximize research productivity to help propel USASK as a leader in POCUS research 59
2. Clinical and educational/training research should be encouraged within each department 41
Equipment support and maintenance 1. Universal standards for POCUS equipment support and maintenance should be coordinated centrally within SHA 59
2. Standards for POCUS equipment support and maintenance standards should be coordinated by each institution within SHA 41
  1. aOnly potential standards which received at least one vote in support are included. The full set of potential standards is included in the survey in Additional file 1: Appendix S1