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Fig. 3

From: Changes in speckle-tracking-derived mechanical dispersion index are associated with 30-day readmissions in acute heart failure

Fig. 3

a Scatter plot of baseline mechanical dispersion index (MDI) vs. z-score normalized change in MDI (Absolute). There is a fairly clear delineation between patients with favorable vs. unfavorable outcomes. The majority (10 out of 18) of those with favorable outcome tend to have baseline values of MDI larger than the mean (76.183 ms) and large normalized decreases over the 23 h period (13 out of 18), while the majority of patients with unfavorable outcomes (10 out of 13) had baseline MDI less than the mean and their MDI tended to increase (11 out of 13) over the 23 h period. b Scatter plot of baseline global longitudinal strain (GLS) vs. z-score normalized change in GLS (Absolute). Although the separation is not as pronounced as that of a, patients with favorable outcome (11 out of 18) tend to have a baseline GLS higher than the mean (− 6.51%) and a decrease (11 out of 18) in GLS over the 23 h period. Patients with unfavorable outcomes had baseline GLS less than the mean (7 out of 13), and a majority (8 out of 13) had an increase in GLS over the 23 h period

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