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Fig. 1

From: Diagnostic performance of abdominal point of care ultrasound performed by an emergency physician in acute right iliac fossa pain

Fig. 1

Examples of abnormal ultrasound images: a a latero-uterine mass with a sonolucent liquid content suggestive of a complicated ovarian cyst, b isolated peritoneal effusion (often at the bottom of the Douglas pouch), c appearance of a small intestinal occlusion (widening of the intestinal loops by more than 2.5 cm, with a liquid content and possible inter-loop effusion), d adenopathies (hypoechoic oval images greater than 5 mm in terms of the antero-posterior diameter, sensitive to passage of the probe, and enhanced by color Doppler), e thickening of the last small intestinal loops suggestive of ileitis (thickening by more than 3 mm of the wall of the digestive tract), f circumferential widening of the colon wall (a pseudo-kidney appearance) suggestive of an inflammation or an infection

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