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Table 5 Difference in image quality between transducer types

From: Which ultrasound transducer type is best for diagnosing pneumothorax?

Compared transducers Estimate [95% CI] p value
Linear-array vs curved-array .53 [.29, .76] < .0001
Linear-array vs phased-array 1.78 [1.56, 2.01] < .0001
Curved-array vs phased-array 1.25 [1.09, 1.42] < .0001
  1. This table presents the differences in reported image quality between a combination of two transducers, using a linear mixed model with a random intercept
  2. The image quality was reported on a 5-point Likert scale: 1, very poor; 5, very good
  3. A positive value indicates that the image quality was better with the left of the two compared transducers