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Table 2 Percutaneous pigtail drainage insertion equipment

From: An easier and safe affair, pleural drainage with ultrasound in critical patient: a technical note

For the operator Over the tray Patient
Medical hat Sterile drapes Disinfection of puncture site
Medical mask Sterile towels Sterile drapes
Hand disinfection Syringes (5–10 mL) Informed consent (when possible)
Sterile gown Local anaesthetics  
Sterile gloves Sterile water  
  Phased array probe or convex and linear probe
Sterile US probe cover
  Introducer needle  
  Scalpel and dilator  
  Catheters (8–14F)  
  Suture and medical dressing  
  1. US ultrasound, F French (1F = 0.33 mm)