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Fig. 1

From: Application of robotic transcranial Doppler for extended duration recording in moderate/severe traumatic brain injury: first experiences

Fig. 1

Delica EMS 9D robotic TCD probe and headband. TCD transcranial Doppler. A TCD probe (black circular object) held with robotic drive as one construct within plastic casing. Medial view—where probe contacts patient for transtemporal insonation of the middle cerebral artery. Neoprene pad is also seen on medial aspect of head-band. B Lateral view of robotic drive/TCD probe construct. Displays wing-nut attachment to head-band holder, via “inverted U-shaped” plastic bracket. C Anterior view of head-band displaying plastic component and wheel ratchet system for tightening. D Full view of head-band with bilateral robotic drive/TCD probes attached

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