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Table 3 Feasibility

From: The Area method: a new method for ultrasound assessment of diaphragmatic movement

  Mid-clavicular Mid-axillary p value
Right hemidiaphragm 90% (0.55–0.99) 100% (0.69–1) 0.61
Left hemidiaphragm 20% (0.03–0.56) 100% (0.69–1) > 0.001
  1. The table shows distribution of useable ultrasound images from the different views. Visualization of the right/left mid-clavicular line is required to do M-mode measurement of the right/left hemidiaphragm. Likewise, visualization of the right/left mid-axillary line was required to do B-mode and Area measurements of the right/left hemidiaphragm. Numbers are given in percentages and 95% CI