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Table 1 Contents of the screencasts and the lectures

From: Social media to supplement point-of-care ultrasound courses: the “sandwich e-learning” approach. A randomized trial

Screencast no. Case vignette Content Corresponding lecture (no.)
1 Fall from 3 m height FAST algorithm and probe positioning 7
2 Motorcycle accident Positive FAST: free fluid in right upper quadrant 9
3 Bicycle accident Positive FAST: free fluid in left upper quadrant 9
4 Syncope in a pregnant patient Positive FAST: free fluid in pelvis 9
5 Resuscitation after thoracic surgery Pericardial effusion 8
6 Dyspnea after central line placement Physiologic artifacts in lung ultrasound: lung sliding, A-lines, lung pulse 1
7 Weaning failure and intubation Pleural effusion, compression atelectasis, B-lines 4
8 Dyspnea I Sign of pulmonary fluid: multiple B-lines 5
9 Dyspnea II B-lines: Pathophysiology and scanning technique 2
10 Dyspnea III Pleural effusion, ultrasound-guided thoracentesis 4
11 Dyspnea IV Consolidations, aerobronchogram, pneumonia 5
12 Car crash Rib fracture, exclusion of pneumothorax 6
13 Tracheostomy Ultrasound of the trachea, tracheotomy under ultrasound-guidance 3
14 Respiratory distress after subclavian line placement Lung ultrasound signs of pneumothorax 6