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Table 1 Possible alternative diagnosis of Left Lower-Quadrant Pain.

From: Sigmoid diverticulitis: US findings

Gastrointestinal Genitourinary/gynecologic Vascular/Other
Epiploic appendagitis Ureterolithiasis Dissection/ruptured aneurysm
Ischemic colitis Urinary tract infection Abdominal wall abscess
Infectious enterocolitis Ectopic pregnancy Abdominal wall hematoma
Perforated carcinoma Hemorrhagic or rupture ovarian cyst Psoas abscess
Small bowel obstruction Ovarian torsion Retroperitoneal hemorrhage
Inflammatory bowel disease Ruptured corpus luteum  
Appendicitis Uterine fibroids torsion  
Small bowel infarction Pelvic Inflammatory disease  
Omental infarction   
Incarcerated hernia