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Table 4 Organ-systems and focused ultrasound protocols covered during elective longitudinal ultrasound course for second-year medical students

From: Integrated medical school ultrasound: development of an ultrasound vertical curriculum

Topic Focused ultrasound protocol Ultrasound images/video
Abdomen FAST Perihepatic
Pericardial (subxiphoid)
Abdominal aortic aneurysm Celiac trunk
Superior mesenteric artery
Renal arteries
Common iliac arteries
Inferior vena cava collapsibility index Suprahepatic IVC during expiration
Suprahepatic IVC during inspiration
Thoracic Pneumothorax Pleural sliding
M-mode pleural sliding
Cardiac Parasternal long axis
Parasternal short axis (ventricle apex, middle, and base)
Procedural Vascular access Differentiation of artery and vein
Needle vessel entry in short axis
Needle vessel entry in long axis