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Table 3 Anatomical structures acquired and identified on live models during the ultrasound component of gross anatomy

From: Integrated medical school ultrasound: development of an ultrasound vertical curriculum

Anatomical region

Anatomical structure

Thorax and abdomen

Cardiac chambers (right and left ventricles, right and left atria)


Inferior vena cava (intra-abdominal and intrathoracic)

Diaphragmatic caval hiatus

Cavo-atrial junction

Main portal vein

Intrahepatic portal veins (right and left)

Hepatic veins (right, middle, and left)


Kidney (right and left)


Hepatorenal recess (Morrison's pouch)

Aorta (intra-abdominal)

Celiac trunk, splenic artery, common hepatic artery, left gastric artery

Superior mesenteric artery

Inferior mesenteric artery

Renal artery (right and left)

Common iliac arteries (right and left)

Upper extremities

Supraspinatus tendon

Subscapularis tendon

Biceps brachii tendon

Flexor digitorum profundus

Flexor digitorum superficialis

Flexor pollicis longus

Median nerve

Lower extremities

Quadriceps muscle belly and central tendon


Patellar ligament

Head and neck


Thyroid gland

Thyroid cartilage

Internal jugular vein

Common carotid artery