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Table 1 Currently described applications for physician-performed focused ultrasonography defined by physician specialty

From: Integrated medical school ultrasound: development of an ultrasound vertical curriculum

Specialty Applications
Internal medicine Hypotension evaluation and treatment, procedural guidance
Cardiology Cardiac evaluation, procedural guidance
Gastroenterology Liver evaluation, intestinal obstruction evaluation, procedural guidance
Infectious disease Soft tissue infection evaluation, procedural guidance
Nephrology Renal evaluation, procedural guidance
Pulmonology Pleural effusion evaluation, atelectasis evaluation, pneumothorax evaluation, procedural guidance
Rheumatology Joint and tendon evaluation, procedural guidance
Pediatrics Developmental abnormality evaluation, abdominal pain evaluation, procedural guidance
Emergency medicine Hypotension evaluation, intrauterine pregnancy evaluation, abdominal aortic aneurysm evaluation, cardiac evaluation, biliary tree evaluation, urinary tract evaluation, venous thromboembolism evaluation, soft tissue and musculoskeletal evaluation and treatment, lung evaluation, ocular evaluation, procedural guidance
Obstetrics-gynecology Intrauterine pregnancy evaluation, fetal development evaluation, ovary evaluation
Surgery Trauma evaluation, breast and thyroid evaluation, vascular evaluation, intraoperative evaluation, procedural guidance
Anesthesia Intraoperative monitoring, procedural guidance
Critical care Hypotension evaluation, intravascular volume evaluation and treatment, cardiac evaluation, lung evaluation, intracranial pressure monitoring, procedural guidance
Neurology Transcranial evaluation
Neurosurgery Transcranial and intracranial evaluation, intraoperative guidance
Orthopedic surgery Joint and tendon evaluation and treatment, procedural guidance
Urology Urinary tract evaluation
Plastic surgery Intraoperative evaluation