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Table 1 Succes and complications of the UGTI (ultrasound-guided thrombin injection) technique with simultaneous manual compression on ipsilateral iliac artery regarding two different categories of the PSA (pseudoaneurysm)

From: Noninvasive technique of preventing thrombin escape into the systemic circulation during ultrasound-guided thrombin injection (UGTI) of the postcatheterization pseudoaneurysms

  UGTI UGTI(S/W) Total
No. of patients 23 16 39
Successful procedures (%) 22 (96%) 16 (100%) 38 (97%)
Complications (%) 0 1 (6.3%) 1 (2.6%)
  1. UGTI PSA with long (>3 mm) and narrow (<3 mm) tract, UGTI (S/W) PSA with short (<3 mm) and/or wide (>3 mm) tract