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Table 1 Etiologies of shock and associated ultrasound findings

From: EGLS: Echo-guided life support

Diagnosis Associated ultrasound findings
Tension pneumothorax Abolished lung sliding, no B-lines
Tamponade Pericardial effusion with RV and RA diastolic collapse, plethoric IVC, dynamic LV
Hypovolemia Hyperdynamic LV, IVC collapse, clear lungs
Massive pulmonary embolism Dilated RV, “D-shape left ventricle, paradoxical septal wall movement, plethoric IVC
Myocardial infarction Poor LV function associated with B-profile and plethoric IVC if cardiogenic shock
Toxicological, electrolyte abnormalities, acid–base disorders Could be associated with depressed cardiac function
  1. RV right ventricle, RA right atrium, LV left ventricle, IVC inferior vena cava