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Table 1 TableĀ 1

From: Prehospital ultrasound as the evolution of the Franco-German model of prehospital EMS

Franco-German model Anglo-American model
More treated on scene, few transported to EDs Few treated on scene, more transported to EDs
Cases attended by a physician, nurse and paramedic Cases are attended by paramedics
Possible transport to hospital wards i.e: bypassing EDs Direct transport to EDs
Usually part of public health organization Usually part of public safety organization
Immediate extensive care Delayed extensive care
Referral to most suitable hospital Referral to closest hospital
Focus on diagnosis and treatment Focus on swift transport to hospital
Immediate high-level care Delayed high-level care
Possible transport to hospital facilities i.e: bypassing EDs Only direct transport to EDs
Prolonged transport time Short transport time
Multi-tiered response Usually single or two-tiered response