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Fig. 2

From: The BLUE-points: three standardized points used in the BLUE-protocol for ultrasound assessment of the lung in acute respiratory failure

Fig. 2

The probe indicates the PLAPS-point, in the horizontal continuation with the lower BLUE-point (dotted line), as posterior as possible to the posterior axillary line with the patient remaining supine. The PLAPS-point is therefore located slightly above the diaphragm. The right index finger roughly indicates the phrenic point (target). PLAPS: posterolateral alveolar and/or pleural syndrome, a basic term used in the BLUE-protocol. Note important features regarding this probe: microconvex shape, 1 × 2 cm footprint, 8 cm length, good resolution from 1 to 17 cm depth, allowing both posterior analysis and fine resolution (from Whole Body Ultrasonography in the Critically Ill, Springer)

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