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Fig. 1

From: The BLUE-points: three standardized points used in the BLUE-protocol for ultrasound assessment of the lung in acute respiratory failure

Fig. 1

The upper hand is applied with the little finger touching the lower border of the clavicula. The finger tips touch the midline. The lower hand is applied below the first one. The thumbs do not count. The upper BLUE-point is at the middle of the hand (root of the middle and ring fingers). The lower BLUE-point is in the middle of the palm of the lower hand. This definition allows avoiding the heart. The lower edge of the lower hand indicates the phrenic line, i.e., the end of the lung. The continuation of the phrenic line and its intersection with the middle axillary line define the phrenic point (of interest for assessing the diaphragm laterally). The geometry of the two joined hands from the oblique clavicula results in a horizontal phrenic line (from Whole Body Ultrasonography in the Critically Ill, Springer)

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