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Table 6 Lessons learned/recommendations for starting a medical student ultrasound program

From: An integrated ultrasound curriculum (iUSC) for medical students: 4-year experience

Start small

Work with course and clerkship directors to determine a limited number of ultrasound objectives initially and expand each year


Introduce the students to ultrasound and the instrumentation during orientation week, if possible—a great orientation activity and facilitates the transition to ultrasound in formal course work

Open laboratory sessions

Offer open ultrasound practice sessions during times when the students are not as rushed with other curricula demands


Faculty champions in multiple disciplines will be necessary for a truly integrated curriculum; faculty development will be needed; ultrasound education can be an academic niche

Student feedback

Provide regular opportunities for students to give feedback on the program and share results with the faculty and administration—important for ongoing support of the program

Student–patient interaction

An opportunity for “clinical time” in the first 2 years and faculty role modeling

Content and resources

Need not develop all teaching material in-house; pursue multiple options for acquiring ultrasound systems: buy, lease, grants, partnerships, donors

Student recruiting

Advertise your ultrasound program to medical school applicants; can give you a recruiting edge