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Fig. 1

From: Focused examination of cerebral blood flow in peri-resuscitation: a new advanced life support compliant concept—an extension of the focused echocardiography evaluation in life support examination

Fig. 1

Central vessel examination of the left neck. Common carotid artery (CCA), internal (ICA), external (ECA) and internal jugular vein (IJV). a, b B-Mode of transversely (cross-sectional) plane (short axis). Probe is placed to start for identification of CCA and IJV. While the probe is moved cephalad (b), strictly in parallel sections, perpendicular to the skin surface, following the sternocleidomastoid muscle slightly dorsal, the branch of the CCA into ICA and ECA can be observed (c). d Duplex sonography of the ICA results in a flow velocity curve with either an automatically measurement of end-diastolic flow velocity value (right) or manual measurement of the value (left)

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