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Table 1 The clinical pictures of the three cases of incarcerated obturator hernia

From: Incarcerated obturator hernia: pitfalls in the application of ultrasound

  Case 1 Case 2 Case 3
Age/sex 84/female 77/female 72/female
Body height/weight (cm/kg) 145/41 162/40 158/36
Previous history of delivery/laparotomy 3 times/none None/none Once/none
Associate medical conditions AV block Diabetes mellitus COPD, Angina, AR
Chief complaints Diffuse abdominal pain RLQ pain No pain
No vomiting No vomiting Vomiting
Duration from the onset to admission 38 h 24 h 48 h
Vital signs Stable Stable Shock
Physical findings in the femoral triangle Bulge with tenderness No bulge No bulge
Laboratory data WBC 7,300/μL WBC 8,300/μL WBC 24,100/μL
CPK 110 IU CPK 21 IU CPK 3,498 IU
   Amylase 1,466 IU
Plain X-ray diagnosis SBO SBO SBO
Ultrasound diagnosis
(initial exam. → re-exam.)
SBO due to incarcerated femoral hernia SBO due to incarcerated obturator hernia SBO due to unknown cause → incarcerated obturator hernia
CT diagnosis Not performed SBO due to incarcerated obturator hernia SBO due to incarcerated obturator hernia
Laparotomy Herniorrhaphy without enterectomy Herniorrhaphy without eneterectomy Herniorrhaphy with enterectomy